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Recruiting and Retention


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Put your prior service experience to work for you! See what the Maine Army National Guard has to offer. Whether you took time off to start a new civilian career, college, a family or just needed a break. Maybe you miss the camaraderie, or have that college degree and want to earn a commission or maybe it's the retirement option. Let the Maine Army National Guard help you become a member again.


You may be entitled to a prior service enlistment bonus if you come back in.


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At age 60, after at least 20 years of satisfactory military service, you may start collecting retirement pay. Upon retirement, a service member is eligible for TRICARE for Life. Your 20 years of service can include any combination of active, reserve and Guard duty. Retire at your highest rank! The last 8 years of your time must have been served in the National Guard. Take a look at all your military time and see how close you are to your 20 year mark.

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