We are striving to make this website accessible to all citizens. We care about the user experience of each and every user therefore we have taken measures to ensure a consistent experience across our website.

  • We have taken the time to make sure each page on is able to be viewed and read by a screen reader through image tags and alternate text.
  • has been designed to use sans-serif fonts for ease of reading.
  • is reactive to font size changes within your browser for ease of reading.

In the future we look forward to expanding more customization options to you. We realize that one size doesn't fit all and our goal is to ensure that every person, every browser, every device, and every Internet connection maintains a rewarding user experience.

If you should find an accessibility problem, i.e. unreadable file download, visual/multimedia presentation that is not adequately described, media that is not presented in a format that is readable by assistive technology, please contact us — we will do everything possible to find a solution to any accessibility problem should it arise.

Acessibility Standards and Resources
Section 508 Standards website
Section 508 Act website

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