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Bravo Company, 3-172nd Infantry (Mountain)

Bravo Company, 3-172nd Infantry (Mountain) CrestThe Mountain Infantry Battalion is headquartered at the Mountain Warfare School. The Army's only battalion fully trained in military mountaineering, it was formed in 1982. The Vermont National Guard opened the Mountain Warfare School the next year, custom-fit to the needs of the battalion.

The 172d Infantry (Regiment) (Mountain) was constituted 1 September 1982 in the Vermont Army National Guard as the 72d Infantry, a parent regiment under the Combat Arms Regimental System, and organized to consist of Company A. Redesignated 1 April 1983 as the 172d Infantry. Reorganized 1 December 1983 to consist of Company A and the 3d Battalion. Reorganized 1 October 1984 in the Maine, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont Army National Guard to consist of the 3d Battalion. Withdrawn 1 May 1989 from the Combat Arms Regimental System and reorganized under the United States Army Regimental System with Headquarters at Jericho, Vermont. Reorganized 1 September 1992 in the Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont National Guard.