AGR Selection Board

Memorandum of Instruction (MOI)


1. PURPOSE - This MOI is intended to clarify the procedures of the AGR Selection Board as required in Para 2-5, NGR 600-5, the Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) Program Management of Title 32 USC Full Time National Guard Personnel, 20 FEB 90.  The Maine National Guard is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Selections will be made without regard to race, religion, age, national origin, gender, political affiliation, marital status, membership or non-membership in an employee organization or any other non-merit factor.


2. PLAN - Once an AGR Job Announcement closes, the AGR office within the Directorate of Human Resources (DHR-AGR) will review all applications and determine which applicants are certified/qualified for consideration for the specific AGR job announcement. The DHR-AGR office will forward the names of the eligible applicants via email to the appropriate MSC or Battalion full-time representative. The original applications will be mailed with the original certified list of eligible applicants for use in the interview process.


3. The full-time Battalion representative, MSC representative, or JFHQ Director will schedule personal interviews with each applicant. The applicants may be advised of the areas you will be considering during their interview.


4. The full-time Battalion, representative, MSC representative, or JFHQ Director is authorized to appoint and convene an AGR Selection Board according to the following rules. The AGR Selection Board will:


    a. Consist of a minimum of three (3) voting members. These members will:


        (1) Be senior in rank to all applicants being considered.

        (2) Include both AGR and non-AGR representation whenever possible.

        (3) Include minority and female representation when appropriate and possible. If not, a TAG waiver is required. 

        (4) Include at least one enlisted member when considering enlisted soldiers.

        (5) Include at least one subject matter expert.

        (6) Not include family members of an applicant.  A "family member" is defined as father, mother, brother, sister,   

child, spouse, nephew, niece, father/mother-in-law, son/daughter-in-law, stepfather/mother, stepson/daughter, step-

brother/sister, or half brother/sister and first cousin.

        (7) Be appointed using the sample AGR Selection Board Appointment Memo.


    b. Ensure the senior member serves as President of the Board.


5. AGR selection board members will:


    a. Be physically present at all board sessions.


    b. Conduct all proceedings in a closed session. Note that discussion of board proceedings with anyone who is not directly authorized disclosure of this information is strictly prohibited.


    c.  Review MeHRP 335, A Supervisor's Guide to Interviewing and Selecting Employees.  This guide provides information on what you should and should not do during an interview.


    d. Review and evaluate each application and personnel record requested from Automated Records Branch and record their results on a consistent form such as the sample ME HRO Form 600-1A. Note that the ME HRO Form 600-1A may be modified to suit the board’s evaluation criteria. A review of each applicant’s record may consider such areas as the applicant’s:


        (1) Military and Civilian experience

        (2) Military and Civilian education

        (3) Special Achievements


    e. Interview applicants individually using the sample format of ME HRO Form 600-1A. Note again that ME HRO Form 600-1A may be modified to suit the board’s evaluation criteria.


        (1) Personal appearance by applicants before the board is desired and encouraged.

        (2) An applicant, who is unable to make a personal appearance (i.e. TDY, AT, etc.) will be interviewed by the board over the telephone, utilizing a speakerphone so that all board members and applicant may hear conversations. This method is only used when the necessity of filling the AGR position, prior to the return of the applicant, prevents delaying the board. The board president is responsible for arranging the conference telephone call interview.

        (3) Interview may consider areas such as applicant’s:

            (a) Knowledge of the advertised position

            (b) Potential to perform in the position

            (c) Personal appearance

            (d) Ability to communicate

            (e) Self assurance

            (f) Attitude

            (g) Military courtesy

            (h) Oral and/or written presentation


    f. Consolidate the board members findings on an EXCEL spreadsheet similar to ME HRO Form 600-1B.


    g Rank the applicants in order, determine the BEST qualified applicant for the position, and complete an Order of Merit Listing (OML) using ME HRO Form 600-1C. Include only the names of the applicants that you would select for the position in the order of choice. If the first choice is not considered medically qualified to enter an active duty tour, the second choice will be selected if he/she is determined to be medically qualified.


    h. Submit the selection packet in the following order to the HRO-AGR office.


            AGR Selection Board Memorandum of Recommendations 


            Enclosure 1 – OML – ME HRO Form 600-1C

            Enclosure 2 – Selection Board Scoring Spreadsheet - ME HRO Form 600-1B or equivalent

            Enclosure 3 – Cover letter for ME HRO Forms 600-1A or equivalent (a copy will be furnished for each board member)

            Enclosure 4 - Interview and Evaluation Forms - ME HRO Form 600-1A (NCO)

                                 Interview and Evaluation Forms - ME HRO Form 600-1A (OFF/WO)

            Enclosure 5 – Cover letter for NGB Form 34-1s and/or AGR letters of Intent.

            Enclosure 6 - NGB Form 34-1s (AGR Job Applications) and/or AGR letters of intent.

            Enclosure 7 - AGR Selection Board Appointment Memo


6. Public announcement or individual disclosure of the AGR Selection Board’s recommendation will not be made prior to the final approval of The Adjutant General or his designated representative.


7. Once the DHR-AGR Office receives the AGR Selection Board’s selection packet, the HRO-AGR office will review and forward the packet to the Adjutant General or his representative for review and final determination (approval/disapproval).


8. Once the final determination has been made, the DHR-AGR office will notify the President of the AGR Selection Board of the results. If the OML submitted by the AGR Selection Board is:


    a. Approved, the notification will include instructions on completing actions needed prior to cutting the selectee's initial AGR tour orders and in-processing the new selectee.


    b. Disapproved, the notification will include suggestions on the next course of action to fill the position.