Understanding and Managing Leave

(Cashing In Lv, Transition, and Permissive TDY) in conjunction with Retirement from the AGR Program.


  As you near the end of your career in the AGR Program, the following is provided to assist you, your family, and your supervisor in managing your transition to civilian life.


  Once you have established a retirement date (recommend about a year out), you and your supervisor will need to do some backward planning to determine your last work day based on whether you plan on cashing in leave or taking it as transition leave.  To determine your ending leave balance, check the CR BAL block on the leave line of your LES, adjust for any leave taken and not yet posted to your LES, and add 2.5 days of leave per month leading up to your retirement date.  At this point, you will need to decide whether you want to cash in leave or take it as transition leave.


  The bottom line is; no matter how you choose to transition out of the AGR Program, you need to submit your wishes in memorandum format through your supervisor, your commander, and the HRO to the Chief of Staff for final approval.


CASHING IN LEAVE:  You are authorized to cash in up to 60 days of leave during your career.  The LV PAID block on the leave line of your LES will show you if you have cashed in leave in the past. From this, you can determine if you are eligible to cash in leave upon retirement.  Keep in mind that when you cash in leave, it is only based on Base Pay and is taxed at approximately 28%.  Your leave balance and status will be reviewed during out-processing at the HRO-AGR office.  If you choose to cash in leave, it will be included with your final pay.  (Your final AGR pay (End of Month) may be delayed until the 10th to the 20th of the next month to ensure that your final leave and debt are established or cleared).


TRANSITION LEAVE:  Transition Leave (formally called Terminal Leave) is chargeable leave (accrued leave) granted when an AGR soldier transitions from AGR status to retirement.  Transition Leave will be taken in one continuous block.  Breaking up Transition Leave over weekends, holidays, and/or Compressed Work Schedule days to maximize leave is not authorized. The Chief of Staff is the Final Approval Authority for Transition Leave.


PERMISSIVE TDY (PTDY):  The purpose of PTDY is to facilitate transition to civilian life such as house and job hunting for soldiers being involuntarily separated, or retiring from active duty.  PTDY is a non-chargeable absence and is optional for eligible soldiers.  PTDY is an “authorization” not an “entitlement”.  The Chief of Staff has agreed to allow retiring AGRs to use up to 20 days of PTDY upon their retirement. PTDY must be taken as a continuous period (up to a maximum of twenty days) when used in conjunction with Retirement at the end of an AGR Tour.  Permissive TDY may be requested whether you decide to cash in your leave or take it as transition leave.


UTILIZING TRANSITION LEAVE & PTDY TOGETHER: If you have decided to take your leave as transition leave and additionally request PTDY to allow you to “checkout early” then you’ll need to do some further backward planning.  Take the leave days you are planning to use.  Add the number of days of approved PTDY Subtract the total of these days from your retirement day.  This will give you your last working day.


RETIREMENT OUTPROCESSING - REQUESTs FOR PTDY & SUBMISSION OF DA 31’s: You will need to prepare and submit two (2) DA 31’s through your AGR supervisor and Leave approval authority to the HRO-AGR.  This will outline your retirement timelines to include your period of 20 days PTDY and Terminal Leave. 


 You will submit leave taken prior to the start date of your PTDY through USPFO upon completion as you have always done. 


Your first DA 31 included with your retirement leave will be for PTDY, if requested.  This leave form will indicate the number of days of approved PTDY you will be taking just prior to your transition leave.  In block 17 of your DA 31 for PTDY, you must add the following information that lists the justification for your request for permissive TDY i.e. “PTDY is for (List those that apply) job hunting, house hunting, transition to civilian life, etc”.  You must also add the following remark:  “I understand that this absence is not directed by any official of the U.S. Government.  I further understand that I cannot conduct public business under this authorization.  Accordingly, I will not be entitled to reimbursement for travel, per diem, or any other expenses.  I understand that I have the right to cancel it at any time and return to my regular place of duty”.


Your second DA 31 will be for Transition Leave, if applicable with the FROM date entered as the day after your last day of PTDY and the TO date entered as the last day of the month, your retirement date.


Submit these final DA Form 31s with your request for Permissive TDY through your Commander and AGR Leave approval Authority to the HRO-AGR office.


EXAMPLE:  A soldier is retiring on 31 December 2008.  The soldier plans to use all but 45 days of accrued leave prior to starting last day of duty.  The soldier plans on requesting 20 days of permissive TDY from the Commander.


Figuring backwards from the 31 December 2008 retirement date, we will add 45+20 equaling 65 days.  After subtracting the 31 days in December from 65, this leaves us with 34 days.  After subtracting the 30 days in November from 34, this leaves us with 4 days.  This means that the soldier’s 20 day permissive TDY would start on 28 October 2008, a Tuesday.  The soldier’s last day of duty would be the preceding day, Monday, 27 October 2008.


DA Form 31s               Item # 7                         Item #9b            Item # 10                            Check block for                                                                                                                                           a. FROM         b. TO


1.  PTDY pd                 Permissive TDY            20                      28Oct08         16Nov08             Permissive TDY


2.  Transition Lv pd     Ordinary leave and         45                     17Nov08         31Dec08            Type ”Transition Lv”