Certificate of Agreement and Understanding


Updated 21 May 2008


Section I - Applicability


a. Army National Guard Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers and Enlisted Soldiers applying for initial entry in the Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) Program must sign this certificate of understanding and agreement prior to issuance of AGR Orders.


b. This form will be completed only once and will remain in force during the entire period the individual serves on Full-Time National Guard duty, unless certificate is revised by CNGB. Individuals who incur a break in service of more than 24 hours will be required to complete a new certificate prior to issue of AGR orders.


c. A copy of this certificate will be given to the individual, and a copy will be filed permanently in the AGR Management Files.


Section II - Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Conditions and Obligations

(Soldier will initial on the appropriate lines)


_____ I am applying for an initial AGR Full-Time National Guard Duty tour under Title 32 USC 502(f).


_____ If ordered to Full Time National Guard Duty, it is the intent to stabilize my duty location for my initial tour, except as prescribed in paragraph f. If my current AGR tour is extended with my consent, or if I enter a subsequent AGR Tour, I am aware that I may be reassigned without my consent and without geographical limitations within the boundaries of Maine to meet the needs of the service at that time, or at any time thereafter. I understand that failure to comply with orders may subject me to appropriate administrative action and proceedings under Maine Code of Military Justice, and constitutes a voluntary request for release from Full-Time National Guard Duty.


_____ (All soldiers must initial this line.) I understand upon initial entry in the AGR Program:


a. I will be subject to the Maine Code of Military Justice.


b. I will be managed under the regulations and policies that apply to the Army National Guard.


c. I am aware that continuation in the AGR Program beyond my initial orders or any subsequent orders is neither mandatory nor automatic. I will be eligible for consideration for retention on Full-Time National Guard Duty by meeting the requirements established for the AGR Program, provided an authorized AGR position is available.


d. I am aware that prior to completing my initial 3 years in the AGR Program, my records will be reviewed and evaluated by the chain of command. The chain of command will make recommendations to the State Adjutant General as to my continuation in the AGR Program. The decision of The Adjutant General as the approving authority is final. Recommendations will be based upon criteria established by regulations, manner of demonstrated performance, potential and compliance with the AGR Program.


e. I am aware that the AGR Program will require successful completion of resident and/or non-resident courses of instructions given by military and/or civilian institutions. Residency at such institutions may require periods of time away from family and duty station. Failure to satisfactorily complete a course of instruction may be grounds for separation from the AGR Program.


f. I am aware that during the first 18 months of my initial period of duty in the AGR Program, I will be subject to the following:


(1) If the ARNG seeks to utilize my services elsewhere as a result of my demonstrated ability, but not as a result of job elimination or promotion selection, and if such a transfer would require a permanent change of station (PCS), I have the option to accept or decline the assignment order. If I decline, I may be released from my AGR tour.


(2) I am also aware that I may be subject to or may be offered the opportunity to relocate to another assignment or PCS to another AGR position for which I am qualified if my present FTS position is abolished or downgraded as a result of changes in force structure or manpower authorizations.


(3) I may be assigned to another unit, location, or duty assignment when directed by the needs of the service. When possible, the assignment will be to a position with the military grade established for the Full-Time Support Position and MOS. 


h. I am aware that when I enter on Full-Time National Guard Duty I must enroll in the Army Standard Pay Method (SURE-PAY) program and that I will be paid via the Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer system to a financial institution or my choice for credit in my personal account.


i. I understand that entry on Full-Time National Guard Duty as an AGR soldier does not make me eligible for Active Duty Veterans’ Administration education benefits.


j. I am aware that my voluntary entry into the AGR Program does not guarantee that I will attain 20 years of active federal service for retirement.


Section III


I have been counseled on and understand all of the conditions and service requirements in this certificate. No other conditions or promises were made to me as a condition of my service on Full-Time National Guard Duty in the AGR Program.


__________          _________________________________________________________

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