POV Travel


Use of a Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) for government travel may not be directed, but POV use may be permitted when it is requested by the employee and is advantageous to the Government.


The use of a government vehicle is the preferred method of transportation for an AGR in most cases. However, POV usage and the resulting reimbursement for POV travel expenses may be authorized under the following conditions:

  • A government vehicle is not available.

  • A cost savings to the government can be shown.

  • AGR travel to medical appointments that are outside the State of Maine.

  • Special circumstances which warrant it with prior approval of the HRO.

If POV usage is reviewed and considered necessary and prudent, whoever inputs the AGR Travel Orders into AFCOS needs to enter the justification in the AFCOS requester block and the estimated cost (cents per mile) under "Other Trvl Costs". Please also enter the name of the individual inputting the AFCOS request as it enables the approving official to contact you if there are questions.  If there is no justification for POV stated in the requester block, HRO-AGR will change the POV request to "Government Vehicle Directed".


The AGR Manager will make the final decision on the use of a POV.


Timely Submission of AGR RFOs necessary

RFOs should be input into AFCOS in time to allow for approval by all levels and subsequent publishing of the orders. RFOs requesting POV or rental car usage that are submitted late or elevated late by intermediate commands will not be automatically or retroactively approved. If special circumstances warrant late input, please personally contact the HRO-AGR office to discuss specifics and urgency of the late RFO.


POV Usage when traveling from home for AGR Temporary Duty (TDY)

A soldier departing on TDY is not authorized POV mileage reimbursement from their home to their normal duty location where they pick up government transportation for TDY.


A soldier on TDY orders requiring commercial air transportation is authorized POV mileage reimbursement from their home to the airport and return. They are authorized parking fee reimbursement if they leave their POV at the airport. They are authorized reimbursement of a second round trip from their home to the airport, and return, if a separate trip was required to airport for both departure and arrival of TDY.


Reimbursement for POV Travel

Unless otherwise authorized, travel by government conveyance is directed in all situations. When authorized to travel POV, you will be reimbursed on a "constructive cost (cents per mile) basis, the total of which cannot exceed what it would have cost the government had government procured transportation been used.